Our Process in Five Easy Steps.


Step 1: Definition

Our first step is to define the scope of the work. We ask all the fundamental questions. After questioning, we listen closely, investigate and delve below the surface until we arrive at a well-defined list of objectives and goals, deliverables and and agreed-upon schedule. This becomes our creative brief.

Step 2: Research + Discovery

What is working? What isn’t? What exists? What is missing? We begin to answer these questions and a whole lot more. We examine everything. We seek to uncover opportunities, strengths, challenges and begin to focus our lens on the best strategic solution.

Step 3: Design

Armed with our strategic positioning and a clear vision of how to get there, we pull out our sketchbooks and, as a group, we being to conceptualize, discuss, refine, explore, play and push ourselves. We then sit back and narrow the field to the find the creative directions that are solidly on point and strategically sound. These are expanded, polished and presented.

Step 4: Deliver

Following rounds of client feedback and input, any last revisions and final approval are given. Our attention to every detail and high standards for quality ensure a smooth production process.

Step 5: Manage & Grow

Our projects do not end with the final, completed project. We continue to measure response, weigh results and check in with our clients, determining our level of success against the goals and objectives set in step one and discussing the next phase of marketing objectives.