Many companies make the mistake of believing that designing a logo is branding. But, branding involves so much more. A brand is a promise. It’s a unique combination of a logo, words, typefaces, colors, personality, price, customer service, aesthetics, attitude, voice, and more, all working together to convey the essence of what your company, product, or service stands for. So, you can see just how important your corporate brand is to any organization.

A strong brand delivers a clear, credible and memorable message. It connects with its intended audience at an emotional level. It motivates buyers and reinforces their loyalty.

Elements has a tried and true methodology for creating successful corporate brands. We begin with research and discovery, interviewing key constituents and developing your own brand story. Once we have established your vision, message, promise and what makes your product or service unique, we move into the creative phase, which ranges from developing a logo, tagline, brand standards guide and may include any number of other deliverables based on your company’s specific needs.


Every which way we turn, there is an endless barrage of messages fighting for our attention—billboards, smartphones, cereal boxes, pop-up ads, and on and on. In this ever-competitive world, branding helps your customers and prospects distinguish your brand from an overwhelming sea of choices. The very best brands can speak volumes within seconds and rise above the cacophony to be noticed—and remembered. These are the brands that are well designed, smart, on point, memorable and above all else, unforgettable.

Brand Identity services can include:

  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Name Development
  • Tagline Creation
  • Corporate Identity
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Standards Guide
  • Creative Development

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