Beautiful, powerful imagery is essential in communication a brand’s message, and Elements has deep experience concepting and art directing video and photo shoots in a wide range of industries, from corporate and retail to fashion and food. We collaborate with hand-selected photographers to get the best possible results for our clients. At Elements, we handle all aspects of photography from the concept phase to selecting just the right photographer for the job. We also coordinate the logistics of shoots, including securing models, researching, propping, sourcing food stylists. From coming up with the creative concept to art directing the shoot to selecting, editing and delivering the final video or imagery, we collaborate closely with all parties involved to ensure a seamless experience and the very best results.


Beautiful and memorable video and / or photography helps tell your company or brand story in a clear and compelling way. Stock imagery and video can only take your brand so far. Custom imagery allows you to capture exactly the right message tailor-made to align with your brand and the necessary deliverables. Great video and photography provokes an emotional response and keeps your customer engaged, moving them to act.

Video / photo art direction services can include:

  • Creative Brainstorming / Concepting
  • Vendor Selection / Liaison
  • Planning / Coordination
  • Talent / Location Scouting
  • Script Writing / Editing
  • Styling / Propping
  • On-Site Art Direction
  • Editing / Retouching
  • Post-Production

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