Spreading Greatness Far and Wide

Caro Nut is a new brand entering the nut butter market, one of today’s fastest-growing specialty food categories. The California-based company prides itself on its close and responsible relationships with their growers around the globe, sourcing only the best nuts for their products.


“The Caro Nut label design is fantastic, and everyone loves it. We continue to work with your team for your high level of creativity and passion for your work.”
Gerard CEO


To position Caro Nut in its niche market—active people who work hard and value convenience but still care about eating healthy—and distinguish its products from brands who market to super-performance athletes.


Elements was asked to design packaging for Caro Nut’s nut butter product line, as well as a brand standards guide and point-of-purchase materials. We created a series of unique artwork for each region where their nuts are sourced: Brazil, Latin America, Africa, Spain and the Eurasian country of Georgia. Our color and pattern choices were influenced by the regions’ individual cultures.

Our branding system provides built-in flexibility for future growth. Easily identifiable graphics indicate the origin of the nuts in each product, and as the company adds line extensions, they can use the different elements to create a family of designs within the series.


Both company-wide and buyer response to the design was extremely positive. Caro Nut Cashew Butter was picked up by Costco for distribution in the Northwest region – with more expansion expected.