Bringing a New Brand to Life

Formed when Norwalk Rehabilitation was acquired by a larger out-of-state company, Constellation Health Services provides a broad range of health care services from pediatric therapy to geriatric case management.


“Elements worked hand in hand with us to strategically develop and then visually present our message about our commitment to helping our clients get back to the healthy life they want to live.”
CEO Constellation Health Services


To showcase the scope of Constellation’s service and communicate their mission of helping their clients lead the best lives possible.


To distinguish Constellation from its competitors, whose marketing materials typically featured frail people, Elements’ strategy included a suite of visuals celebrating health and vitality. We developed the tagline “Points of Life” to emphasize scope of services they offer—from school based therapy for children to home health care for elders. From branding to print materials, from website design to a social media strategy, Elements created a voice that focus Constellation's unique marketing stance: that they help their clients get back to a healthy life.


Constellation Health Services’ results were immediate. First, it helped unite and reenergize the organization under a strong, new name and visual identity. Next, through careful marketing and a solid launch plan, we ensured that existing Norwalk Rehabilitation service clients were not lost in the transitioning but instead, part of a much larger network of staff and resources that offered not only better rehabilitation services –but a newly expanded list of capabilities. Finally, the unique, fresh positioning Elements established for Constellation by focusing on health. The idea of getting “back to the life you love” was so well received by the public, that Constellation has been rapidly growing and expanding their service area and have been opening new offices every year since their launch.