Where Science and Beauty Meet

ESANA is an aesthetic medical care and plastic surgery center run by two well-known and highly respected board-certified plastic surgeons. What distinguishes ESANA from their competitors is their level of expertise, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to the care of their patients.


“Working with Amy and the team at Elements has been effortless. They created a logo and tagline that we absolutely love. Our clients have similarly responded, noting that our branding and marketing materials are elegant and much more representative of who are and quality services we provide.”
Deborah Pan, MD Owner


To evolve ESANA’s dated identity and materials so that they communicate their core elements: the center’s dedicated, expert-level, credible medical care and their spa-like sensibility, customer attention, and commitment to the beauty and care of their patients.


Elements’ first task was to thoroughly research all other plastic surgery and med spa practices in Connecticut. In doing so, we found that ESANA is unique in its ability to fulfill all its clients’ cosmetic needs in one location by board-certified positions. To communicate this uniqueness, we drew a new custom geometric mark, combining components of a flower, representing the beauty of nature, and a geometric shape, representing science. The juncture of the two ideas—nature and science—is the precise place where ESANA is positioned and where their philosophy as a practice sets them apart. We then used warm and inviting colors, which added personality and sophistication to the mark, paired with a straightforward, elegant, custom logotype for the name itself.


The multiple projects that have been completed have met with positive feedback and success after the new brand strategy, logo, print collateral and advertising campaign were completed. The new website has just launched and will bring more analytics and results to come.