Celebrating 75 Years with One Event

Established in 1937, the Jane Coffin Childs Fund supports cancer research. The Fund’s Fellowship Program, which began in 1944, has granted postdoctoral fellowships to more than 1,000 young scientists studying the interface between molecular biology and clinical science.



To plan and coordinate an all-day symposium that would allow exchange of research information among scientists from all corners of the world, while also celebrating the Fund’s seventy-fifth anniversary.


Elements acted as a one-stop shop for all of the JCCF’s event-planning needs—from vendor liaison to designing updated print collateral, which was distributed at the event on a custom USB we created. We created promotional pieces and signage that brought in more than fifty walk-in attendees from all around the world, and we coordinated the event itself, from registration to floral arrangements, catering, programming, hotels and transportation, photography, speaker gifts and the grand finale offsite dinner reception.


The symposium was an enormous success, with all vendors working seamlessly and Elements presence to oversee every event detail. With Elements responsible for the logistics, the Client was free to focus on interacting with the Fellows, board members, and scientific advisors at the event.