Revitalizing An Icon

PEZ is an iconic brand that needed a facelift. Dated marketing materials and packaging were affecting the company’s sales.


“Elements made the most significant changes to PEZ packaging in more than 15 years and I really enjoyed working with Amy and her team. They took my vision and turned it into reality that was a huge sales success.”
Bud Regional Sales Manager


To design a fresh brand image that would support PEZ in staying competitive and increase sales.


Armed with a through understanding of where the PEZ brand had been and where it needed to be, Elements considered every touch-point for its consumers, retailers, and buyers. We redesigned packaging and point-of-sales materials that leveraged PEZ’s whimsical personality and built a visual platform from which the company could move forward.


Bolstered by up-to-date packaging that encouraged better store placement, PEZ sales immediately soared. Elements’ campaign produced a reenergized sales force, enthusiastic retailers, and a boom in customer recognition of the brand, all translating into strong, continuing growth.