Building Global Change

For ten years, the Yale World Fellows Program has been preparing leaders around the globe to achieve positive change by building relationships between committed leaders who are educated, trained, and prepared to lead diverse groups.


“Elements created a visually stunning new look for the Yale World Fellows Program. From a striking new word mark, to a 43-page viewbook that received accolades from people all over the world, to a fresh, eye-catching website, Elements translated our program’s aspirations into designs that attract the kind of global, innovative leaders we seek to cultivate.”     
Leslie Director of Communications & Outreach


To align the program’s outdated branding with its present-day progression and reach, while retaining its connection to its Yale roots.


We began with a through research and discovery phase into similar programs across the globe. Our investigation led to a new positioning statement and updated mission along with a typographical refresh for their identity. Next, we tackled the ten-year report—a look back at the program’s last decade as well as a view of its future. The fresh design direction incorporated an entirely updated color palette, images and their usage, fonts, and layout design all working together to more accurately reflect the energy and vibrancy of their program. The logo and view book laid the groundwork for a completely new website design.


The project has met with initial success after the new brand strategy and logo were developed at the end of 2012. The new website scheduled to launch in mid-2013 and will bring together their new brand.