Our Process in Six Easy Steps.


Step 1: Kickoff Meeting / Creative Brief

Our first step is to meet with all key stakeholders to intake project details and define the scope of the work. We ask all the fundamental questions. After questioning, we listen closely, investigate and delve below the surface until we arrive at a well-defined list of objectives and goals, deliverables and an agreed-upon schedule. This becomes our creative brief and the measure to which all deliverables are critiqued against.

Step 2: Competitive Research & Analysis

We take a strategy-first approach to brand development by helping clients identify their niche in the market, reviewing the competitive landscape and establishing a consistent brand across multiple platforms. What is working? What isn’t? Why? What exists? What is missing? And so forth. We examine everything. We seek to uncover opportunities, strengths, challenges and begin to focus our lens on the best strategic solution.

Step 3: Moodboards

Based on the objectives outlined in the creative brief and the research completed in Step 2, moodboards are developed. Our definition of moodboards are digitally-created boards which are comprised of inspirational images, typography, colors, patterns, conceptual descriptions and more. They are designed to convey the overall visual direction – or the path – for the project to follow before tangible design concepts are presented. This step helps establish a cohesive creative direction and gain creative and strategic alignment early in our process.

Step 4: Design Concepts

This is where the rubber truly meets the road. We pull out our sketchbooks and, as a group, we being to conceptualize, discuss, refine, explore, play and push ourselves. We sit back and critique our ideas against the creative brief to narrow the field to only the creative directions that are solidly on-point and strategically sound. These are expanded and polished internally several times before being presented to you.

Step 5: Revisions

In this phase, design concepts are discussed, refined and revised, typically through three rounds of client feedback and input.

Step 6: Approvals / Manage & Grow

We’re almost there! Any last revisions and final approval are given. Our attention to every detail and high standards for quality ensure a smooth production process. More importantly, our projects do not end with the final, completed project. We continue to measure response, weigh results and check-in with our clients, determining our level of success against the goals and objectives set in step one and discussing the next phase of your marketing objectives.