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October 19th, 2017 | Blog, Social Media


In the spirit of Halloween, I’ve put together a list of Pinterest tricks, followed by their “treat” (what you can expect from each “trick”) to help you make the most of Pinterest. Let me know if you have any tricks to add to my list:

TRICK: Pin your best blog posts just after posting to your business board on Pinterest.
TREAT: You will reach a whole other audience who will pin (and share) your posts with a direct link to your blog.

TRICK: Have a photographer take images of your recent work and/or work-related happenings (speaking engagements, tradeshows, etc.) and pin them.
TREAT: People are attracted to great photos – especially on Pinterest. The better the work and more creative the image, the more it will engage.

TRICK: When working on a company-wide project that isn’t ready for public exposure (such as planning your client holiday gift giving, for example), create a ‘secret board‘ and invite only certain colleagues to link to the secret pin board.
TREAT: Everyone who is part of the project can view, comment and add to the board without revealing its content.

TRICK: To really get the most from a pin, send a hashtagged post to Twitter where they work just like regular hashtags do.
TREAT: Enjoy more traffic and engagement to your post.

TRICK: If you have a sign-up page for your newsletter, create a “pin” for newsletter sign-up and add it to your company’s Pinterest board.
TREAT: Increase sign-ups to receive your newsletter by drawing in another audience who are on Pinterest.

TRICK: Create “rich pins”.
TREAT: Rich pins add more details to your pin and therefore are more likely to be viewed, read and shared.

TRICK: Confirm your website.
TREAT: This will put an image of you on any pin from your website – great for branding and recognition!


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