Elements understands that today’s shopper is an evolving breed. Technology has impacted this segment tremendously—smartphones, shopping apps, mobile coupons, and more have allowed people to engage in the shopping experience in new ways. Even so, it’s still important to understand what drives customers’ choices, and that’s where consumer-focused marketing comes into play.

We start with a consumer marketing strategy, which is typically part of a greater marketing strategy that includes strategic and competitive analysis of branding opportunities, product development, in-store marketing, traditional/virtual marketing, advertising, and more.
Once we have identified the target audience specific to your brand or service, Elements develops a plan to reach them before, during, and post-shopping through key in-store and virtual tactics. Through the use of targeted point-of-sale promotions, the development of in-store experiences and strategies for creating non-mediated interaction with customers in the home, we can make sure your product has impact and moves the customers, both new and old, through the adoption cycle—creating brand advocates.


A consumer marketing strategy is a crucial tactic to maximize profit by matching your products with the individuals who are most likely to buy or use them. Thousands of brands fill the shelves, whether online or actual, and the ultimate goal is a strategy that not only gets a shopper to consider your product but also closes the deal, with a purchase followed by repeat purchases within the brand or category.

Consumer Marketing services can include:

  • POS Displays
  • Promotions/Promotional Material
  • Sales Materials
  • In-Store Demos
  • Customer/Consumer Strategy Analysis

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