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Here’s A Thought:: Black Friday Website Tips

November 23rd, 2016 | Blog, Here's a Thought


The holidays are here! Which means shopping is at a high, and black Friday is right around the corner. Online shopping (especially on mobile) has increased dramatically over the years–it’s so much easier than fearing you’ll be crushed while in line at a store. But that means more traffic will be heading to your website. Here are a few tips to get your website shopping ready (and no crashing!).

  1. Traffic Management
    • Contact your Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider to ensure they have planned for the increased traffic. If you don’t…



Here’s A Thought :: The Power of Bloggers

October 22nd, 2016 | Blog, Here's a Thought

Social media has captured our world, and within it are the influencers that people turn to when they need some industry input. Bloggers have become powerful for industries, and with their help they can boost sales incredibly. Many companies even invite bloggers to test out a new product or experience to blog about it. It’s pretty smart; a consumer is more likely to believe a person who is not working for the company to give an honest review–it’s the next best thing to gaining word-of-mouth validation and broadens the brands ‘circle of influence’.

The four most popular and frequently used…


email marketing tips

Here’s A Thought :: 10 Quick Facts and Stats to Stay Successful with Email Marketing

September 27th, 2016 | Blog, Here's a Thought

email marketingEmail marketing is far from over – but it has upped its game. To become or stay effective, you need to update your email marketing effort too. Here are ten quick facts and statistics to get you thinking about your next successful email marketing campaign:

  1. 72% of U.S. adults said they preferred companies to communicate to them via email, followed by postal mail at 42%. {PRNewswire}. Why not follow-up an email with a postcard mailing?
  2. 91% said they would like to receive emails from the companies they do…



Here’s A Thought :: My Fall Bucket List 2016

September 22nd, 2016 | Blog, Here's a Thought

fall bucket list front door


It’s my favorite time of year.

As the days are getting shorter, the air crisper, the leaves change color and fall from the trees, we start to feel that sense of urgency to get things done before winter sets in – just like the squirrels, we dash around madly before the end of the year.

It’s tempting to rush through fall without slowing down and taking it all in. But being the best season of living in New England, shouldn’t we?

So this year, although the light is fading…


Facebook Messenger App

Here’s A Thought:: Merging Branding Into Our Instant Messages

September 20th, 2016 | Blog, Here's a Thought

There is a new transformation movement coming: social media will shift to social messaging– and marketers will need to figure out how to make the shift along with it to continue to reach their consumers. We all use social media to find information, and then use messaging apps to share content daily, but having social media consume our lives daily could actually benefit the consumer…and the producer. What if brands integrated themselves into these instant messaging apps? Imagine the reach marketing teams would gain on a daily basis!

From a recent data study by Epsilon marketing group published in AdWeek,



Here’s A Thought:: Snapchat’s Pitch to Brands

September 13th, 2016 | Blog, Here's a Thought


Snapchat is one of those hot of-the moment social media apps that many marketers still aren’t convinced how they can take advantage, or how it could be useful to their brands yet. But marketers should take the time to get to know Snapchat because it’s a great way to excel your brand into a new generation, and all it takes is to create a Snapchat account, filter or lens.

To get started, let’s address the “what is it?” question.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social messaging app where users can send images…



HERE’S A THOUGHT :: Is It Time for a Packaging Refresh or Redesign?

July 26th, 2016 | Blog, Here's a Thought


Redesigning or refreshing your packaging is an investment of both resources and time – but sometimes can be a necessary step.

Your product packaging is a vital part of your sales strategy as well as your brand. It’s something your customers can touch, see, interact with – and according to a study by McKinsey & Company, “Up to 40 percent of shoppers change their minds because of something they see, learn, or do – say packaging, placement or interactions with salespeople.” In short – packaging has the power…



Here’s A Thought :: Your 2016 Marketing Checklist

December 28th, 2015 | Blog, Here's a Thought

zig ziglar market planning 2016

Let the countdown begin – only 5 more days until 2016! With the New Year right around the corner, it’s time to start planning ahead for your 2013 marketing goals. Here are some initial steps to take when preparing your marketing plan for the New Year:

  1. Evaluate 2015: What were your goals for 2015 – did you achieve them? What strategies worked well for you and what didn’t? A new year is also a time to evaluate your business and your target client – has it…


fourth quarter marketing plan

Here’s A Thought :: Heading for the End Zone

November 6th, 2015 | Blog, Here's a Thought

fourth quarter marketing

Now that we have set our clocks back last weekend for daylight savings, our days feel just too short. How are we going to get it all done when it’s pitch black outside by 5 pm? Couple that with the fact that there are only 54 more days until 2016, and I’m in an all-out panic. What’s a marketer to do?

Well, how about a little motivation for the home team? Huddle up, 2015. We may only have a few minutes on the clock in the 4th quarter, but we…